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Systems Integration

If your company’s previous IT investments are now legacy systems with pressing incompatibility issues, ILSI will modernize them to stay competitive in the current market. Drawing on deep industry expertise and highly trained specialists, ILSI will provide the hardware and software that will “connect the dots” and result in a seamless application. We are a full-service system integration company, specializing in value-driven business solutions and services.


ILSI Consulting consists of a team of highly skilled professionals focused on helping you maximize the value of your IT investment. We provide you with the tools, expertise and experience to help your business grow, reduce your overall costs, and simplify your IT environment.


Our company’s strong partnerships with key IT Market leaders make ILSI the optimal choice when it comes to staff training and ongoing support. Our Professional Training unit provides expert consultation in areas that are of key importance to our customers. Additionally, ILSI can arrange local presence for training and mentoring for product installation, support, and can also help companies obtain certifications in the target market.

Post Implementation

ILSI provides a wide range of post-implementation services in order to ensure that the business objectives of our clients are achieved, the implemented features and functions are understood, and the users are properly trained. During the post-implementation phase, we continue to evaluate opportunities for optimizing the system already in place to be certain that the solution implemented continues to operate at maximum efficiency.


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