Our expertise and experience put us in a unique position to implement solutions tailored to our customer’s needs and to assist them in their business’ growth. Ours is a comprehensive approach, following the required analysis for successful implementation and deployment of their solutions.


Data Center Solutions

Today’s IT environments are complex, with endless combinations of platforms, systems and applications. Organizations worldwide are placing greater demands on their data centers to provide business services faster, more efficiently and more securely. ILSI provides complete solutions for Data Center Infrastructure, including server and storage virtualization, workload management, and data center networking. Our solutions are designed specifically to help you enhance your deployment on your journey towards a more efficient and agile data center that enables greater automation and responsiveness in the delivery of business service.


Surveillance & Monitoring Systems

Security technology advances quickly and ILSI is equipped to help you keep pace. Our experts are trained to help you with equipment selection, camera placement, system design, on the job troubleshooting, and more. We are committed to providing our customers with the very best in security technology at a competitive price.


Identification System

ILSI offers patented I.D. Systems to help customers increase productivity, improve safety, and reduce operating costs. ILSI is a trusted partner and industry leader in delivering end-to-end innovative security solutions to businesses and governments, and helping to ensure the security of people, documents and goods. We accomplish this by relying on state-of-the-art fingerprint and palm print identification technology.


Telecommunication Systems

The selection of a communication system can be a difficult and sometimes confusing task. ILSI, with its integrated approach, provides expertise that will help you leverage today’s telecommunication technologies to fit your specific enterprise needs. ILSI also specializes in the use of analytic and quantitative tools for the modeling, analysis, design, and management of telecommunication systems, as well as performance evaluation of networks both wide area and local, fiber optics, cable TV, cellular, mobile, and satellite-based systems.


Networking Solutions

ILSI helps you position your organization for future growth by optimizing your IT investment, including network, server, storage, and security infrastructure. ILSI specializes in the design, configuration, implementation and network management of local and wide area network (LAN/WAN) solutions and brings insights and knowledge gained from over seventeen years of working in the information technology industry to each project.

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